SATIUS systems incorporate high quality electronic and mechatronic components made by Logicdata GmbH. Complete system is designed and made in Europe.

Linear actuator

As opposed to most low- and mid- end table systems which use 90 degree drives, all SATIUS systems incorporate linear actuators SLIMdrive-660S and SLIMdrive-500, used by best systems in the world. Linear actuators have many advantages - better efficency, lower operating temperatures and thus longer life. Vibrations and sound emissions are lower. Linear design of actuators enables them to be completely hidden inside tubes, thus making slim column design possible.

Hand control

Every SATIUS system comes standard with HSU-C-FL handset with four memory positions and height display. Holding memory position button will move table to desired saved height. Displayed height value can be calibrated, to compensate thickness of your table top.


Thanks to adjustable frame, SATIUS systems enable you to use a wide variety of table top dimensions (120cm - 200+cm x 70cm-100+cm). Your only limitation is your imagination.


TWIN 650 and TWIN 500 use massive, 2mm thick steel tubes, both for telescopic columns and frames. Result of this is superior stability, less vibrations, lower sound emissions and superb premium feel.

Control unit

Every SATIUS system is equipped with SMARTneo-2G-EU control unit. It has a 240W of lifting power, yet only 0,1W stand-by power consumption. Every control box also has an integrated optical collision detection system.

Collision detection system

All SATIUS systems come standard with two channel collision detection system. When moving table up or down, the control box monitors power required to do so. At the same time, an optical sensor within the control box measures deformations of table top. If any sudden changes in required power or deformations of table top are detected, the control box interprets it as a collision, stops the table and moves it back, therefore preventing system damage.


All SATIUS systems have a dynamic load capability of 120kg, and move with 38mm/s, which covers all needs. When not driving, the systems can be loaded with 250kg.


All SATIUS systems come with 5 year warranty on complete system.